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An iPad sleeve that fits to a T

Computer Apparel

In a nation of T-shirt wearing nerds (and non-nerds), you can give your iPad or Apple laptop a T-shirt, too. The two (or three) of you can even wear the same colors.

It's not all about fashion; it's about protection, says Computer Apparel, which makes the cotton "V_Neck Sleeve" that is reinforced with multilayer padding for protection.

The front of the $50 T-shirt can stow cords or headphones, and the front pocket fits an iPhone (at least for now, until Apple changes its dimensions). The back of the shirt has a zippered pocket where you can put papers or magazines.

The T-shirt comes in gray, black, white, pink and blue, and fits the original iPad, as well as the iPad 2; larger sizes (at additional cost) are available for Apple's 13-, 15- and 17-inch laptops.

And, of course, that V-neck collar is flattering for just about everyone — even though the iPad needs no help in the looks department.

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