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Justin Bieber: Spokesman for Vietnamese toy robots?

Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters

The following is not a joke.

According to a press release sent by the folks behind the Consumer Electronics Show — better known as CES and basically considered the Super Bowl of gadgets — pop sensation Justin Bieber will make an appearance at this year's event. Apparently the teen heartthrob will be helping a company called TOSY unveil its "new innovative entertainment robot."

In case you've never heard much about TOSY prior to this article — as most haven't — you should probably know that its website proclaims it to be the "leading Vietnamese manufacturer of robots and high-tech toys." One of its creations includes a table-tennis-playing robot which was first shown off about four years ago:

Shiny robots or no shiny robots, it's not entirely clear how a company like TOSY managed to snag Justin Bieber, of all people, to act as what could basically be considered a spokesman. (Well, it's not entirely clear how many zeroes had to be on the end of the check.)

Sure, it's not unusual for various companies to bring a bunch of celebrities to CES — last year's event offered appearances by Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde, Adrian Grenier, Will.I.Am. and more — but ... well, let me use some images to clarify why I can't wrap my mind around the TOSY/Biebs team-up.

This image shows the booth space — outlined in red — which TOSY has at CES this year:


This image shows the booth space — outlined in red — which Polaroid, which offered an appearance by its creative director Lady Gaga last year, has at this year's show:


Pardon the slightly unmatched zoom levels — the interactive maps for CES are a bit awkward to navigate —  but the point is: Polaroid, which had a celebrity of Justin Bieber's caliber attend last year's event, has (and had) significantly more booth space set aside, compared to TOSY.

And as someone who was close enough to feel Lady Gaga's sweat — assuming she produces any — during Polaroid's press presentation last year, I can tell you that people go star-crazy. And that it gets crowded. And that there are a lot of scary looking "handlers" who are there to keep the guest of honor safe.

I'm not particularly sure how all those things will be squeezed into TOSY's limited space, but I most definitely intend on being around to see what happens. 

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