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This app will help you keep your plants alive


Confession Time: I've never met a plant that I haven't managed to kill — or at least torture — by not watering it enough, watering it too much, or looking at it the wrong way. Thankfully, there's now an app which can help me pretend that I'm capable of nurturing plants at least a bit better.

The app's called Koubachi and it can be downloaded through the Apple App Store for free. (Sorry, Android users. You'll just have to grow genuine green thumbs instead of faking gardening skills like I do.)


Once you download Koubachi, you can enter details about all your plants — this may be time-consuming as you have to identify them by type — describe the place in which you reside, and calibrate how quickly the soil dries up in the region. (Don't worry if any of those things sound complicated, the app will walk you through them.)

After all those things are done, you'll start receiving push notifications to remind you when it's time to water, mist or fertilize your plants — along with precise instructions as to how you should do those things.

That's it. It's not much, but it should be just enough to help out those of us who struggle to keep our gardens blooming.

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