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Nook Color sequel likely to be announced next Monday

Barnes & Noble

We just got an invitation from Barnes & Noble to attend "a very special announcement" on Monday, Nov. 7. Our best guess? An ambitious yet competitively priced update to the Nook Color.

Nook Color surprised the world by becoming the best selling Android tablet to date — even though neither Barnes & Noble nor Android's keeper, Google, will attest to this widely acknowledged fact. By running a modified version of the OS, it doesn't behave like Android phones or official Android tablets, but it does offer books, games and email, for a reasonable price.

Now that Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is on its way, for an even better price, it's time for B&N to up their ante. Since the bookstore chain already updated its e-ink line — putting it ahead of Amazon's (see video below) — Nook Color 2 is the only logical move.

We're predicting the same 7-inch screen but a faster (perhaps dual-core) processor and some kind of streaming video deal — for the same $250 price or even cheaper, at $199. Perhaps it will ship with Netflix. The video service is already available on Android devices, and a team-up with B&N would be good synergy, as both companies are trying their darnedest to compete with the Amazon juggernaut.

Does Barnes & Noble's touchy feely new Nook hold a candle to the Kindle? Msnbc.com's Wilson Rothman has the answer.


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