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iPhone app takes you to photography school

Photo Academy

All the fancy cameras in the world won't help you produce amazing photos if you don't learn how to use your gear. Don't worry though, you don't need to rush to the library or go on a Google search spree in order to get acquainted with the photography basics — you can simply download an iPhone app instead.

One of the apps you should consider when it comes to your shutterbug education is called Photo Academy and it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for a dollar.

In essence, this app is a huge pile of sample photos, tips, and tutorials gathered up by a professional photographer. The topics covered range from the very basics to the more advanced tasks — and they're organized so you can easily jump to whatever interests you.

After reading your way through the information compiled in Photo Academy, you should walk away with an understanding of your cameras settings, an understanding of composition, and even some thoughts on basic editing — anything beyond that will be up to you.

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